Automotive technology is advancing every day. Almost every part of your vehicle is now controlled by a computer of some sort. This is no longer the field that your grandfather worked in.  We now have a computer that its sole responsibility is to control your drivers door! Manufactures have made it as difficult as possible for you to repair your own vehicle. That's where we come in! 

At Peerless Automotive we make it our mission to undo those frustrating issues. We are constantly studying the techniques used in new manufacture technology so that when a system in your car is not working correctly we can identify it fast and fix it affordably. We are the best at hunting down the issues that most can not. Not only do we fix, we create. Many clients come to us for there custom work. We are here for you and want the best for your car. 



We hear it every day, "My kid spilled all over my brand new car. Is there anything you can do?" The answer is always the same from us, YES! We have seen it all. Spilled juice, pop, paint, milk, etc. The absolute truth is there is always a way to clean it or even fix it. We have taken the smoke smell out of a car that was smoked in for 10+ years. We have even cleaned up the interior of a SUV that had a 5 Gallon bucket of paint spilled in it. There is no way you should ever think your car is ruined. It can all be cleaned/fixed/replaced. We love turning some "ruined" to that brand new car you once had. Challenge us! We'll make you a believer in Peerless Automotive Detailing.